Fergal Cunningham - 2024-05-21 18:00:52
Hi everyone. I'm Fergal from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window also stating your affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public at
And please keep the RIPE Code of Conduct in mind:

Brian Nisbet - 2024-05-21 18:12:23
Speaking as someone who does not wish to read out essays, unless you have a reason not to (which you may have, accessibility matters!), please do choose to use the microphone icon and speak online. Thank you!

Chris Buckridge - 2024-05-21 18:27:52
Well put, Niall!

Brian Nisbet - 2024-05-21 18:29:33
Or GÉANT, but sure. :)

Chris Buckridge - 2024-05-21 18:30:12

Brian Nisbet - 2024-05-21 18:30:27
Good to see Remco is hip with the new lingo...

Randy Bush - 2024-05-21 18:49:53
but i read on the internet that ipv6 resources were infinite!

Murat Terzioglu - 2024-05-21 19:18:32
Why was Slide 3 skipped? Did I miss it?

Chris Buckridge - 2024-05-21 19:18:59
thanks, Remco and all!

Brian Nisbet - 2024-05-21 19:19:37
@Murat Time.

Brian Nisbet - 2024-05-21 19:19:47
So for later discussion.

Fergal Cunningham - 2024-05-21 19:19:59
This session has now ended. Day 3 of RIPE starts tomorrow at 0900 with the Address Policy and DNS WG sessions. Hope to see you there!