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Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
IPv6 WG ChairsIPv61. Welcome2024-05-13
Ondřej CaletkaIPv65. IPv4-mapped IPv6 Addresses2024-05-15
Remco van MookBoFBuilding A Stable Future for the RIPE NCC2024-05-16
Remco van MookAddress Policywhy-pi redux2024-05-16
Leo VegodaAddress PolicyAgenda2024-05-16
Martin PelsDNSDNS Update from the RIPE NCC2024-05-17
Robert KistelekiMATRIPE NCC Update2024-05-17
Mikhail PuzanovRoutingLow Latency RPKI Validation2024-05-17
Tobias FiebigPlenaryReflections on Active Network Measurements in Academia2024-05-17
Tobias FiebigClosing PlenaryRevisiting BCP194: Picking the Worms Out of the Routing Can2024-05-17
Tobias FiebigIPv64. IPv4-with-IPv6 Next-Hop2024-05-17
Tobias FiebigAddress PolicyE. IPv6 PI Policy2024-05-17
Matthew KirklandOpening PlenaryRemoving IPv4 Infrastructure Addressing from Meta’s Edge Network2024-05-19
Christian SeitzPlenaryCommunity-IX - Simplify Sponsoring, Speed Up Communities2024-05-19
Thomas WeibleOpening PlenaryCoherent Optical Transceivers: Current Capabilities and Future Possibilities2024-05-19
Maria Isabel Gandia CarriedoPlenarySIG-NOC Tools Survey Results2024-05-19
Kemal SanjtaPlenaryThe Surprising Impact of 1% Packet Loss2024-05-19
Sawsan El ZahrPlenaryExploring the Benefits of Carbon-Aware Routing2024-05-20
Radu AnghelPlenaryBeyond Numbers - Navigating the “End-User” Part of the AS Ecosystem2024-05-20
Mirjam KühneNewcomers' IntroductionNewcomer's Introduction2024-05-20
Carl Montanari & Simon PeccaudPlenarySimulating Networks at Scale with Clabernetes and OVHcloud2024-05-20
Patrick BussmannOpening PlenaryWelcome from the Local Host2024-05-20
Lai Yi OhlsenPlenaryMeasure Your Network Openly with M-Lab2024-05-20
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryWelcome from the RIPE NCC and Meeting Logistics2024-05-20
Mirjam KühneOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 882024-05-20
Vladimir VassilevPlenaryOpen Source Network Tester2024-05-20
Massimiliano StucchiOpening PlenaryThe RIPE Programme Committee2024-05-20
Yury ZhauniarovichAnti-AbuseE.2. Peering into the Darkness - The Use of UTRS in Combating DDoS Attacks2024-05-20
Jad El ChamTutorialBGP Security Workshop - RPKI Validation2024-05-20
Asbjørn Sloth TønnesenPlenaryHardware Offloaded IP Forwarding in the NIC2024-05-20
Jad El ChamIoTD. RIPE NCC IoT Update2024-05-20
Eric LanferMATWetLinks and Starlink on the Road: Exploring the Stationary and Mobile Performance of Starlink2024-05-20
Savvas KastanakisMAT20 Years of Inferring Inter-domain Routing Policies2024-05-20
Pavlos SermpezisMATAnalysis of Usage Patterns in RIPE Atlas Measurements2024-05-20
Herve ClementAddress PolicyB. ASO AC Update2024-05-20
Herve ClementRIPE Community PlenaryASO AC Update and 2024 Perspective2024-05-20
Hanna KreitemBoFReading the Pulse, Measuring the Health and Resilience of the Internet with Internet Society Pulse2024-05-20
Jan SchaumannPlenaryWhose CIDR Is It Anyway? A Look at Centralisation in the Ownership of IP Blocks2024-05-21
Josh LevettPlenaryArchitecture and Routing in a Geopolitical World2024-05-21
Luca SaniPlenaryECN Bleaching Detection with Pietrasanta Traceroute2024-05-21
Simon FernandezMATWHOIS Right? An Analysis of WHOIS and RDAP Consistency2024-05-21
Ondřej FilipPlenaryThe End of IPv4 in Czech Governmental Services2024-05-21
Maria StafylaAnti-AbuseD.1. Illegal Content Online: What's Our Role as a Regional Internet Registry2024-05-21
Massimo CandelaMATWelcome2024-05-21
Massimo CandelaMATClosing Remarks2024-05-21
Libor PeltanPlenarySingle-provider Multi-signer: Overview of Scenarios2024-05-21
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseAA-WG Agenda RIPE882024-05-21
Shane KerrDNSRIPE DNS Resolver Recommendations versus the World2024-05-21
Job SnijdersRoutingRevising the RPKI Validation Algorithm (2024 edition)2024-05-21
Werner CoomansPlenaryL4S: Enabling Scalable Deployments of Real-time Services2024-05-21
Ben Cartwright-CoxRoutingIntroduction2024-05-21
Maria MatejkaOpen SourceContribution and Credits Policy for Open-Source Projects2024-05-21
Cynthia Revström, Dmitry Kohmanyuk, Leo VegodaDatabaseC. Adding Contact Methods in Whois and RDAP2024-05-21
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyFeedback from RIPE NCC Registration Services2024-05-21
Angela Dall'AraAddress PolicyD. Policy Update2024-05-21
David LawrenceDNSDELEG Updates2024-05-21
Peter ThomassenDNSDNSSEC Bootstrapping Support in Knot DNS 3.3.5 and in PowerDNS2024-05-22
Sandoche BalakrichenanDNSStudying DNS Energy Consumption2024-05-22
Peter WehrleIoTE. IoT Working Group Chair Selection2024-05-22
Peter WehrleIoTA. Introduction & Housekeeping2024-05-22
Poonam YadavIoTC. Identifying Security Weaknesses in Thread Networks for the Internet of Things (IoT)2024-05-22
Radu AnghelAddress PolicyH. ASN Assignment Issues2024-05-22
Eric van UdenIoTB. BBF IoT Operator Activities2024-05-22
Ed ShryaneDatabaseB. Operational Update2024-05-22
Tim BruijnzeelsRIPE NCC ServicesD. RIPE NCC RPKI Operations Update2024-05-22
James KennedyRIPE NCC ServicesE. Registry Update2024-05-22
Hans Petter HolenRIPE NCC ServicesB. RIPE NCC Update - Annual Report 20232024-05-22
Stavros KonstantarasConnect4. Common BCOP for the Use of IRR DB by IXP Route Servers2024-05-22
Pawel ForemskiRoutingbgpipe: open source BGP reverse proxy2024-05-22
Felipe Victolla SilveiraRIPE NCC ServicesC. Technology Update2024-05-22
Martin WinterOpen SourceB. Chair Selection Process Review2024-05-22
Martin WinterOpen SourceE.1 Roadblocks to Open Source in Asia-Pacific2024-05-22
Bijal SanghaniRIPE NCC ServicesA. Welcome, Admin2024-05-22
Petr ŠpačekOpen SourceC. Open Source QA Process & Risk Mitigation2024-05-22
Open source working group chairsOpen SourceAdministrative Matters2024-05-22
Maria MatejkaPlenarySimulating Networks in your Laptop2024-05-22
Jeff OsbornPlenaryIntroduction to the DNS Root Server System2024-05-22
Andrei RobachevskyConnect5. Strengthening the Business Case for Routing Security2024-05-22
Jen LinkovaIPv6IPv6-Mostly Networks Deployment and Operations Considerations2024-05-22
Ben Cartwright-CoxRoutingOn "Reclaiming"
Natasa MojsilovicDiversity and InclusionAn Awakened "Me" as a Key to a Thriving "We"2024-05-23
Osama I. Al-DosaryCooperationSoLiD2024-05-23
Romain BoscCooperationEU Regulatory Update2024-05-23
Emmanuel KesslerCooperationUpdate on EUROPOL Activities2024-05-23
JeanetteCooperationUpdate on NetMundial 10+2024-05-23
Paul HoogstederConnect6. PeeringDB Update2024-05-23
Will van GulikConnect1. Opening2024-05-23
Remco van MookConnectPeering Asia2024-05-23
Gergana PetrovaOpen SourceCommunity Projects Fund2024-05-23
Robert ListerDiversity and InclusionIs It Just Me? Talking About ADHD and Other Neurodiversity2024-05-23
Bijal SanghaniConnect7. Euro-IX Panel2024-05-23
Khwaja Zubair SediqiPlenarySyncing with RPKI - Exploring Causes of Delay in Relying Party Synchronization (RACI Submission)2024-05-23
Andrei RobachevskyPlenaryHave you been minding MANRS lately?2024-05-23
Remco van MookRIPE Community PlenarySummary of BoF "Building a Stable Future for the RIPE NCC"2024-05-23
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community Plenary35 Years of RIPE2024-05-23
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community PlenaryThe RIPE Chair Team Report2024-05-23
Ondřej CaletkaClosing PlenaryRIPE 88 Tech Report2024-05-24
Sebastian BeckerClosing PlenaryRIPE Code of Conduct Team Report2024-05-24
Ondrej FilipClosing PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 892024-05-24
Mirjam KühneClosing PlenaryClosing2024-05-24