Jeff Osborn - 2024-05-20 10:55:48
Does anyone know if lunch is included at the venue?

Tobia Castaldi - 2024-05-20 10:56:53
yes, lunch is included.

Jeff Osborn - 2024-05-20 10:57:21
Thank you.

Alastair Strachan - 2024-05-20 11:27:09
Hi everyone, I'm Alastair Strachan from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window also stating your affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

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Alastair Strachan - 2024-05-20 11:27:35

Alastair Strachan - 2024-05-20 11:27:58
sorry, travelled back in time for a moment :)

Elvis-Daniel Velea - 2024-05-20 11:39:38
audio from meetecho is very low even if I have it set to highest level possible

Elvis-Daniel Velea - 2024-05-20 11:40:00
using chrome on an iPad

Alastair Strachan - 2024-05-20 11:42:40
is anyone else having issues with the audio levels?

Elvis-Daniel Velea - 2024-05-20 11:43:14
works somewat better on the airpods

Elvis-Daniel Velea - 2024-05-20 11:43:24

Tobia Castaldi - 2024-05-20 11:44:30
@Elvis: this is a know issue with webaudio on browsers on iOS. Yes, using airpods should solve the problem.

Tobia Castaldi - 2024-05-20 11:45:01
*known issue

Elvis-Daniel Velea - 2024-05-20 11:46:55
iPadOS too?:) how does that woek? known issue?

Elvis-Daniel Velea - 2024-05-20 11:48:06
I was hoping the app to autmagically work the only time it’s used/needed, so silly of me

Robert Scheck - 2024-05-20 11:50:29
iOS is the same on iPhone and iPad

Alexis Lameire - 2024-05-20 11:53:00
Hello here

Alexis Lameire - 2024-05-20 11:54:09
When you have crappy corporate security policy that forbid you to get you mail it can be PITA to get the link

Elvis-Daniel Velea - 2024-05-20 11:55:19
@Tobia:using airpods is just a band-aid and audio still has to be set to max in order to follow the presentation. not great for iOS or ipadOS users

Tobia Castaldi - 2024-05-20 12:03:12
I'm sorry about that. Thanks for your feedback, we'll do our best to solve the issue soon.

Alastair Strachan - 2024-05-20 12:20:45
This session has now ended. The next session is the Opening Plenary and it will start at 1400. More info on the RIPE 88 meeting plan: