ONDREJ FILIP: Good morning ladies and gentlemen, so we will continue our general meeting which started two days ago and we have the only point of agenda and that's the results of the voting.

So thank you very much all of you who participated in the discussion and voting and the results are as follows. Resolution number one, the General Meeting adopts the RIPE financial report 2023 and this resolution was approved by really strong majority, thanks for that. Resolution number two, the general meeting discharges the Executive Board with regard to its actions as they appear from the annual report 2023 and financial report 2023. And again this resolution was approved. Again by quite significant majority. So thank you.

Then we have a voting about the charging scheme and the Charging Scheme Model C was approved. What does it mean? That LIR fee will rise by roughly 16% from 550 to 800. The Independent Number Resource fee will rise from 50 to 75, and we have a new fee for ASN and that's 50 euro, and of course something you always are interested in and that's the results of the voting and we have two winners of course, and it's Sander and Piotr.


So congratulations to both gentlemen for their effort and also I have to acknowledge and thanks all the candidates, I know it's hard to run a campaign and you really work hard so thank you for that.

With that, if you want to see the details of the voting of course we are, we have a full transparent report so you can see all the numbers that we can publish while keeping privacy of the members so it's on the URL you can see on the screen, you can check how the voting looked like and instant run of during the election of the candidates and with that, I declare the general meeting is now closed. Thank you very much and see you next time. In Prague. Thanks.