Technical Information


Three different networks are provided during RIPE 88: main network, legacy network and an experimental IPv6-only network. Connect to the RIPE 88 network using the QR code on your badge. The passphrase is also available throughout the meeting area.

Main network

This is the general network suitable for most users. It is an IPv6-mostly network according to RFC 8925, supporting both dual-stack and IPv6-only operation. The network name is:

  • ripemtg (5 GHz, WPA3/WPA2 mixed mode)

Legacy network

A legacy dual-stack network without support for IPv6-only operation is available as well. It can be used in need of native IPv4 despite the device preference of IPv6-only mode in the main network or to troubleshoot unforeseen issues in the main network. This network also supports the 2.4 GHz band and legacy WPA2 encryption necessary for some very old devices. The network names are:

  • ripemtg-legacy-88 (5 GHz, WPA3/WPA2 mixed mode)
  • ripemtg-legacy-2.4-88 (2.4 GHz, WPA2 – use only in case your device cannot work on 5 GHz band)

Experimental IPv6-only network

An IPv6-only network with no IPv4 support is available for people willing to try to test their reliance on the legacy IP protocol. The network name is:

  • ripemtg-v6onlyexp (5 GHz-only, WPA3/WPA2 mixed mode)


IPv4 addresses are assigned dynamically from the RIPE Meeting address space. IPv6 addresses are assigned using router advertisement (SLAAC). The list of DNS resolvers is provided by DHCPv6 and RDNSS.

Encrypted DNS

In addition to standard DNS over UDP/TCP, our DNS resolvers also provide DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS under hostname Compatible clients should automatically upgrade to the encrypted DNS by means of Discovery of Designated Resolvers (RFC 9462).

Static Addresses

Please do not configure your own static IP address. If you need a static IP address, please go to the IT Support Desk.

Work Space

The lower floor has a dedicated work space. A Lexmark CS510de printer is available at the registration desk:

Connectivity Problems

If you encounter any problems accessing the RIPE Meeting network, please email opsmtg [at] ripe [dot] net. To speed up the troubleshooting process, you can use this script on Mac OS X or Linux and send the results to the Technical Team for a quicker resolution.

Internet Connectivity and Network Information

Announcements about technical information and connectivity will be posted at the RIPE NCC Info Hub and online. You can report technical issues to the RIPE NCC Technical Crew or to staff at the IT Support Desk.